The Contemptible Case of Charles Peace

The Contemptible Case of Charles Peace is an interactive theatre game that places audience in the centre of a criminal investigation of a case that has spanned centuries. Upon entering what was once home to one of Victorian Britain’s most wanted men, they must crack codes, solve clues, and complete puzzles to try and discover the truth that has been buried within these four walls.  But with time running short, will they be clever and cunning enough tReview Poster TCCCPo sort the truth from the lies and uncover a secret bigger than they could ever have imagined?

As part of the Basic Space Festival 2016 BROKENSTEREO were one of 6 companies presenting site-specific, and site-responsive work in a pair of abandoned Victorian safe-houses. Dedicated to providing a platform for emerging companies to showcase their work, this first year of the festival took place between 17th and the 21st February 2016.

Reviews for The Contemptible Case of Charles Peace:

‘Pushing the boundaries of immersive theatre, Director Daniel James Thompson brings a modern twist to the murder-mystery style of storytelling

‘I’ve been to a few immersive style experiences, but none like this.’

**** – Thrifty Theatre

BROKENSTEREO are proud to have received funding support for The Contemptible Case of Charles Peace from the Arts Council of England.